Becoming a Member      

A person living in the Municipality of Marmora & Lake is able to join without charge, if the following conditions, proving residency, are met: 

a) A valid driver's licence
b) A paid bill with address on it, in conjunction with photo ID
c) If a person has no valid ID, then the card will be mailed. 

Children (12 & under) must have parent's/guardian's signature to join, and may not check out videos. 

Non-residents must supply ID and are required to pay a $10.00 non-refundable yearly fee. 

Members of Havelock, Madoc and Tweed Public Libraries may enjoy a reciprocal membership free of charge. 

New members may borrow a maximum of 3 items, one of which may be a video or DVD. 

After a period of 6 months a patron may take out unlimited number of books, at the librarian's discretion, and a maximum of 3 videos.                                                  


Loan Periods

Books - 3 weeks 
New Books - 2 weeks 
Magazines - 2 weeks 
Talking Books - 2 weeks 
Videos & DVDs - 1 week

Fines  Overdue books, magazines:
10 cents per library day Videos and DVDs:$1 per library day                                                             

Lost or Damaged Material

Patrons are responsible for the care and return of all materials checked out in their name.  Parents/guardians are responsible for materials taken out by their child (Juvenile Member). 

Any damaged materials must be replaced or payment arranged. Please speak to a staff member if an issue arises.