The Young Innovators Club

(Formerly known as Homework Club)

Wednesdays 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.


    The world is constantly changing, which makes it a challenge to prepare children for future employment when we do not know the careers that will be available to them.  In some cases they may even have to create their own careers.  One of the abilities that they will need is creative thinking.  Studies have shown that 98% of kindergarten children measure as geniuses for divergent thinking.  However, by the 8th grade only 10% of the same students continue to have the same creative thinking (  This is the kind of thinking we need to be fostering in our children.  

For the last few years our Homework Club has been slowly changing to promote that kind of thinking.  This year we are planning to make a big change.  This year we will be bringing in local enthusiasts to expose our participants to different fields of knowledge and ways of thinking and problem solving.  Each session will last for a number of weeks and students will take on some kind of project related to the focus activity.  Participants will still be able to receive help with homework if they bring it, but it is not necessary to have homework to participate.  

Our first guest last year was Margriet Kitchen who worked with the children in researching their family trees.  The children not only had an opportunity to learn more about their families and the community they live in, but also the social and cultural realities of their ancestors.  They also learned how to use online tools to do research.  Parents will need to sign a permission form for their child to participate in any online research.  

We are actively looking for enthusiasts from a variety of fields (photography, sewing, wood-working, cooking, painting, etc.) who would be willing to commit to a project with the children.  If you are interested in joining us as a guest or you have questions about your child joining us, contact Wendy at 613-473-2596.