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Bring on the Bundles!

We have themed bundles to choose from! 

Books for Kids!

β€’ Picture Riddles πŸ€”

β€’ Joke Books πŸ˜‚

β€’ Crafts πŸŽ¨

β€’ Outdoor Activities πŸŒ³ 

β€’ Recipes for Kids πŸŽ‚

β€’ Dinosaurs 

β€’ All About Cats 

β€’ Madeline 

β€’ Franklin the Turtle 

β€’ Things That Fly  

β€’ Building & Machines 

β€’ Disney x2  

 β€’ Dr Seuss x2 

Each bundle includes reading material and a movie! 

Let us know about a theme you’re interested in, and we will do our best to put one together! 

Give us a call to check one out today!

Mint Theater Marquee Popcorn Movie Night Invitation

There's no better way to spend a movie night than with salty, buttery popcorn!

Give us a call (613-472-3122) to order your bundle today!


Are you bored? 

Do you need something to new to do? 

Well, we have something new! Gα—©α—°ES and β„™π•Œβ„€β„€π•ƒπ”Όπ•Š are now available to borrow from your library!

Call or email to arrange a porch pick-up time!


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