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Bring on the Bundles!

We have themed bundles to choose from! 

Books for Kids!

• Picture Riddles 🤔

• Joke Books 😂

• Crafts 🎨

• Outdoor Activities 🌳 

• Recipes for Kids 🎂

• Dinosaurs 

• All About Cats 

• Madeline 

• Franklin the Turtle 

• Things That Fly  

• Building & Machines 

• Disney x2  

 • Dr Seuss x2 

Each bundle includes reading material and a movie! 

Let us know about a theme you’re interested in, and we will do our best to put one together! 

Give us a call to check one out today!

Mint Theater Marquee Popcorn Movie Night Invitation

There's no better way to spend a movie night than with salty, buttery popcorn!

Give us a call (613-472-3122) to order your bundle today!

Are you bored? 

Do you need something to new to do? 

Well, we have something new! GᗩᗰES and ℙ𝕌ℤℤ𝕃𝔼𝕊 are now available to borrow from your library!

Call or email to arrange a porch pick-up time!

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