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How do I get a library card?

Library cards can only be obtained in person, as you must present valid proof of address and photo ID, as well as sign your card. 

*** Due to the Covid19 pandemic, library cards may be issued over the phone or by emailing the CEO. 613-472-3122 ceo@marmoralibrary.ca ***

    1. If you are a resident of the Municipality of Marmora & Lake, you may join free of charge.

    2. Non-residents will be required to pay a $10.00 non-refundable yearly fee.

    3. Members of Havelock, Madoc and Tweed Public Libraries may enjoy a reciprocal membership free of charge. To become a reciprocal member, you must present photo ID and a valid library card from your local library.

    4. Children 12 & under must be signed up by their parent or guardian (valid ID required).

I recently purchased an ereader and was told that you have ebooks available. How do I borrow them?

Connect your device has been setup with your computer and then follow these steps: 

    1. Go to Overdrive.

    2. If you haven't done so already, you will need to download and install the Libby app for Apple or Google products. 

    3. You may log in at the beginning of your session, or it will prompt you to do so when you are checking out. Choose Marmora & Lake Public Library from the list, and type in your library card number.

    4. Browse through the selections and choose a book. Make sure that it is in ebook format, not audiobook. Download your selection. You may choose a 7 day or 14 day checkout period. The book will simply stop working after this time. You do not need to return it.

There is an excellent help section on the top right hand side of the website, or you may contact us for further assistance.

Alternatively, you may access the website directly through your ereader, tablet, or smartphone. Be aware, however, that not all ereaders are compatible with the Overdrive website. The Overdrive Media Console app is required on all MAC and Android based devices.

Do you have free internet access?

Yes! Eight computer workstations are available for public use. You will be required to sign in and agree to library access policies before use. There is a 1 hour time limit. 

You may also access our Wi-Fi on your own laptop or wireless device. There is no connection time restriction, and it is available even when we are closed.

Please note: There is a 25 cent charge for printing (black only).

Can I renew my books online?

On our website click on Catalogue and select “Log in” located on top right of page. If you don’t have your login information or cannot remember it, please contact Library Staff.

After you log in, click on “Checkouts” tab and select item(s) that you would like to renew. Click on “Renew.” Please check the new date due information. You will not be able to renew items that have reached their renewal limit or have been requested by another patron.

Do you take book or movie donations? 

Yes. Donations are appreciated. However, they must meet the following criteria.

    1. Good condition: no mold, mildew, dirt or torn pages.

    2. Up-to-date: books must be less than 10 years old for fiction, 5 for non-fiction.

    3. If we cannot use the books in the library, they will be passed on to the friends to sell and raise funds. If you do not wish this, please let us know at the time of donation.

    4. Movies must be in DVD format, and in good working condition.

Do you run programs for children?

Yes! Upcoming events will be posted in the library, on Facebook and Instagram.

What can I borrow, and how long may I keep the items? 

    1. Material Borrowing Period 

    2. Adult, Teen, Juvenile, Picture books, and Non-fiction 3 weeks

    3. New Books 2 weeks

    4. Talking Books 2 weeks

    5. Movies - DVD 1 week

    6. Magazines 2 weeks

    7. Online - ebooks and Audiobooks, access to eResources varies

Are all library services free? 

Almost. Most library services are free. However, the following items do have fees:

    1. Non-resident card: If you are not a resident of Marmora & Lake Municipality, Madoc, Tweed or Havelock, you will be required to pay a fee of $10 per year to use the library.

    2. Replacement library card: There is a $2 processing fee for replacement cards. Initial cards are free.

    3. Printing and Photocopy: Cost is 25 cents per page. Note: You are responsible for each page printed, including those printed accidentally or that do not turn out as intended.

    4. Fax service $1 per page.

    5. Programming: In circumstances where there is an above normal cost for a program (special guest), a fee may be charged for attendance. Donations are always gratefully accepted and will be used directly for future events.

I borrowed a book from Madoc Library. Can I return it to Marmora Library?

No. You must return materials to the library where they were borrowed.

Do you have a fax machine available for public use?

Yes! Fax service $1 per page

I am researching my family history. What kind of resources do you have available?

    1. Ancestry is available in-library. You can use one of our public access computers or your own laptop within the library.

     2. The library holds a collection of local newspapers dating back to 1906. The Langley Archive is a digital collection of births, deaths, marriages and other local information. Access is available through this website. Please be advised that it is still under development.

    3. Local history books, including some family histories, are available for borrowing or in-house use.

Why are computers unavailable for public use on Wednesday evening from 4-6 pm?

Computer workstations are reserved for use by the Young Innovators during this time. For the comfort and safety of our young attendants, no one else may use the computers, even if one is available.

I am late returning what I borrowed. What can I do?

Please return your borrowed materials as soon as possible. If the library is not open there is a drop box located in the parking lot. If you have not finished with the materials, you may renew them (provided no one else is waiting) through the account tool on our Online Catalogue, phone, or email. 

I can't connect my laptop to your wireless network. What can I do? 

Connecting to our wireless network should be automatic but issues can arise. Please check the following before consulting library staff:

    1. Some computers have keys or switches to turn wireless access off. Check to see that your wireless is on.

    2. Confirm that Marmora & Lake Public Library is listed in your available networks.

    3. Let your system run Troubleshoot diagnostics and make note of any error messages.

    4. Try turning the device on and off again.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, Library staff will attempt to connect you. However, they can not offer in depth technical support.

At what age can my child get a library card of their own? 

    1. Library cards are available for any age. However, our suggestion is to wait until your child is old enough to recognize the value of their very own library card. Children are often quite excited by their first card, and if they are able to sign the card, it makes a lovely keepsake.

    2. Children under 12 years of age may not borrow movies.

    3. Once a child reaches the age of 12, an adult card will be given, and he/she then becomes responsible for any items borrowed. New patron restrictions of 3 items (only one movie) will be in effect for 6 months.

What happens if I lose or damage something I borrowed?

Please notify library staff as soon as you are aware of the issue. You will have to pay the purchase price of the item. We will also accept a replacement copy, as long as it is in new condition. Substitutions are not accepted.

My child would like to become a member of the Young Innovators. What is required to join? 

Parents must fill in a permission form before the child attends the Young Innovators for the first time. Please bring any allergy and medication information, as well as the child's health card number.

Is my child allowed to use the internet at the library?

    1. A child under 12 years of age may use the public access computers only if you are present.

    2. A child between the ages of 12 and 16 who wishes to access the internet must have a permission form, signed in library by a parent or guardian, and must agree to internet access policies.

Please note: There are no filters on our computers, and access is not monitored. If a child is accessing the internet from their own wireless device, no permission is necessary.

Will I be notified when something is overdue? 

We will attempt to notify you when material is overdue. However, it is your responsibility to return your items on time, even if you don't receive notification.

I need to scan a form to email. Can I do that at the library? 

Yes. We do have a scanner for public use. Please bring a USB stick to easily save the scanned item to your computer or email from one of our Public Access computers.

I can't find the book I'm looking for. Is it possible to order it from another library?

Yes! Interlibrary Loan service is available to full-access patrons. It is limited to books, and they must be over 2 years old.

If the title you are looking for is available we will issue a request and notify you when it comes in. Due dates are set by lending libraries, and no renewals are available.

The item I wish to borrow is out right now? Can I put a hold on it?

Yes! Simply let library staff know which item you wish to reserve, and we'll notify you when it comes in.

I need to fill out forms online, but I've never done this before. Is there help available?

Library staff will make every effort to assist you. As the library can be a very busy place, it would be best to book an appointment when extra staff will be on-hand. 

Is the library building wheelchair accessible? 

Yes! A ramp is available from the parking lot. The door can be opened by button. Wide aisles, where possible, allow for maneuverability, and washrooms are available.

Please let us know if any further assistance is required.

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