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Get A Grip Marmora!

Ice roads and sidewalks are about at this time of year. We know that once the melt and freeze cycle sets in, it is difficult to feel safe when walking outside.

Get a Grip Marmora is offering free pairs of ice cleat boot grippers to seniors at Marmora and Lake Public Library, to increase the mobility and reduce social isolation of seniors during the winter months. This program is universally free for seniors 55 and over (while supplies last), but the program also encourages others to buy a pair and pay it forward, as every paid pair helps contribute to those given for free. These simple boot grippers are easy to install on your boots. They stay on your boots, are easy to adjust, and don’t need to be removed when entering a building.

The Marmora and Lake Public Library would like to thank the Government of Ontario for the Seniors Community Grant program for making this possible for our first year. We would also like to thank The Marmora Area Recreation Support (MARS) group for their generous donation to make this happen for our second year.

With your help we plan to get a pair of ice cleat boot grippers out to every senior in Marmora as our program expands annually.                                                                                                  

For more information, please contact Kathy Farrell at ceo@marmoralibrary.ca or call us at 613-472-3122.

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